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We realize how difficult it can be to stay current with the constantly changing social media world and business industry. As we discover tips and tools that we believe are essential for any business, we will share the information on this page, or as a post in our discussion section.

Below you will find websites, companies, and news items on what others are doing and how they may help you:


Assessing Your Online Visibility

Assessing your online visibility and influence is very important for any marketing plan. I’ve been busy putting together these very detailed assessments that include search-ability, competitor analysis, social media influence and reach analytics, news mentions, and overall online health for numerous companies. This strategy is not only informative, but also assists companies with being intentional with their marketing based on the analysis. Have you had one done for your business? Contact me if you would like experienced professionals to conduct one for you.


Tab Apps for Facebook

I have posted in the past about tips to enhancing your business page on Facebook by customizing your tabs to deliver your messages, describe your offerings, and to promote your business ( ) and I have more tab apps for you to consider. The apps, “ExtendedInfo” and “” are amazing applications that are free and allow you to provide additional value to your fans. I highly suggest that you check them out. Start maximizing your Facebook company page today! Samples of these apps are my tabs labeled, “contact info” and “support others”.


Followerwonk for Twitter

I discovered an amazing tool for #Twitter users to analyze their#social presence. Many of us know that #MOZ is a big influencer relating to social media, and they have several free tools available to assist you with analytics. Their tool, Followerwonk, is one of those must-have tools.

View it at:


Tracking Clients Time for Billable Hours

When you charge clients by “billable hours,” it can be difficult to track your time for each project. I discovered an amazing app for your mobile phone that is FREE and makes time tracking by project and client easy. The app, TimePunch, has saved me quite a bit of time and frustration. Check it out!


Third-Party Scheduling of Posts

Facebook does not like fan pages and groups to schedule posts from a third-party application. I recently learned that your news feed visibility will be decreased if you use an outside application. Interesting.

Bottom line: Use Facebook’s scheduling feature instead that is available at the bottom of your posts with a “clock” image.



Want to learn who is talking about you or your company, and who is helping spread the word? Visit: to discover who is talking about you on social media sites.

Fantastic discovery tool!


LinkedIn tools – do you know them all? Probably not, but here is one that I love.

LinkedIn has made several changes in the past couple of months. One that I have enjoyed is the linking of Outlook with your LinkedIn contacts.

Did you know that by linking your Outlook program with LinkedIn you will have a major advantage over your competitors? You will also be able to maximize your connections. Once linked, you will be able to directly email your connections, view their LinkedIn profile and picture, view updates, and are able to “Like” or respond to updates all through Outlook.

Rather than relying on email messages through LinkedIn, you can now use Outlook for all of your strategic connecting goals!


Is your business listed correctly and everywhere it should be on the internet?

A tool that you will want to try out is This website allows you to search your company name and see how it is listed (or verify if it is) on various websites like: Google, Bing, Yelp, Foursquare.

I was surprised to see that some of my clients’ companies were either not listed, or were listed incorrectly. Although it does take time to correct the listings, your SEO will increase and your online presence will be synonymous with your efforts. Why would you work diligently on any social media sites, only to find out that when potential clients are conducting a search, you are not listed in the directories you need to be.



For Businesses Who Sponsor Competitions to Increase Twitter Viewers/Subscribers:

Want to increase your Twitter followers with genuine followers who want to hear about YOUR brand? HARO shared the following information to help you out for free: is a website that enables brands and businesses to upload a competition, which they then promote to their 71,000+ Twitter followers, with a high majority being from the USA. Even better, once users enter your competwition, they
will automatically follow your company’s Twitter account and auto tweet a message of your choice. Competwition features competitions from around the world with brands regularly gaining over 2,000 Twitter followers with a single competition, which
also garner repeat customers. Even a number of celebrities are utilizing this powerful tool! The best part about Competwition? It is completely and utterly FREE for you to upload your competwition. Let the games begin and sign up now:

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