Amber Dixon and Amber Gold Marketing firm in UtahLearn about Amber Gold Marketing and how the company assists with filling the marketing and communications gap for businesses. 

Amber Gold Marketing (AGM) is a marketing solutions firm in Utah with an impressive team of professionals who work with businesses and professionals to develop a long-term marketing plan for success. Through collaboration, we will define strategies to strengthen the company’s brand, build awareness, develop social selling for prospecting, establish and manage the company’s online presence, execute ABM and digital marketing campaigns, and provide content marketing support. 

Many businesses either do not have an in-house marketing department or are missing a specialized marketing member, but are in need of an outsourcing solution to fill that gap. With over 20 years of marketing and communications experience, the AGM team works to develop digital and traditional marketing initiatives that are customized for each client according to the needs and goals for maximum success potential. 

Showing ROI and establishing full reporting practices is another area that can be a struggle for growing companies. We’re here to help. From defining marketing KPIs to tracking the ROI of each program to reporting on cost-per-lead/cost-per-acquisition to sales funnel progression, we’re experienced in developing accurate reporting procedures so that the data isn’t just gathered; it is used for all departments of your business. 

Need training? Amber Dixon and her team are frequent speakers for a variety of audiences in the Salt Lake Valley on topics from lead generation to digital marketing. Read more about training opportunities.  

AGM is your marketing outsourcing solution! Contact us today.