Are Facebook ‘s New Sponsored Ads and “Like” Advertisements Worth It?

My Facebook “Likes” Were Removed Right After My Ad Expired”

Strange or not? The last day of my “promoted” posts on Facebook netted 30 “likes”, and then right after the promotion was over the “liked” individuals were gone. How do you feel about Facebook’s promoted post’s? Real or not?

Most, if not all, social media platforms are attempting to monetize what was once “free.” Granted, I believe that we all expected this to happen, but I wonder how effective this new monetization is for businesses wanting to reach their target markets.

Out of curiosity I ran a test with my own business, Amber Gold Marketing, and several of my clients. It was rather easy to set up an ad and define the target markets. It even appeared to be effective with increasing the number of “likes” that was the desired goal. Here is where it get’s interesting.

Within two (2) days of the promotions ending on all accounts, the “likes” obtained from the ads were suddenly “unlikes” proving that the campaign was not effective after all. It was not only on my campaign, but the five other campaigns I ran for my various clients.

So, is paying for promoted and sponsored posts worth the money spent? I would say “no.” In fact, I believe that strategic posts to gain organic “likes” and reach are more beneficial for companies.

What is your opinion? Real or not?