Utah Marketing Services

We believe in blending traditional with online marketing for maximum results. Marketing strategies are not a one-size-fits-all solution.  At Amber Gold Marketing, we meet with each client to ask several key questions so that we may tailor our approach specific for every client. Some of what we review includes:

  • Previous marketing strategies and the results
  • Goals of the company
  • Target audience and behavior
  • Marketing plan content and implementation
  • Current tracking methods
  • Staffing resources and involvement

“Companies should not forget the importance of traditional marketing. Not all marketing should be online to reach your target market.” — Amber Dixon, CEO

Available Traditional Marketing Services:

  • Original content writing. Includes websites, brochures, biographies, articles, flyers, and more
  • Content marketing that includes collateral creation and design
  • Marketing plan development and implementation. If you do not have a marketing plan, you should! A marketing plan keeps you intentional on the path of success
  • Branding strategies to think like a customer, and effectively reach the customer
  • Direct mail campaigns
  • Taking online connections offline for referrals and business

In addition to traditional marketing, online marketing is equally important. Online marketing includes website, social media platforms, relationship building, and training.

Available Online Marketing:

  • Social media campaigns including training, design, calendars, processes, posts, scheduling, and more
  • Taking offline relationships online for referrals and business
  • Detailed company visibility assessments. Do you know your visibility?
  • Website design, content, and strategies
  • Training employees about best practices, company policy, crisis management planning, and general “how to.”