Common LinkedIn Mistakes to Avoid Now


We all hear the many tools and tasks we MUST do with LinkedIn and other social media platforms, but what about things we should NOTdo, but most likely are? Good questions! I’ve listed some mistakes to avoid and should change immediately:

  • Your profile is incomplete. Just because your profile may say “100% complete”, you need to review it and confirm that it is complete with all 10 components involved in an optimized profile. What are the 10 components? I’ve listed them at the end of this post.
  • You have not personalized your LinkedIn URL. This is a huge mistake that many people are currently making. Remember that your LinkedIn profile is like a personal website. Customize it immediately!
  • Your profile is full of typos. You should make it a common practice to type anything you are going to post including status updates, profile changes, and emails into a word processing program with spell check. You do not want to promote that you are a phenomenal copy editor, but have typos on your social media page!
  • You have not organizedyour profile. Know that you can drag the sections of your profile in an order that highlights the areas you want. It is easy and effective. Also, consider separating your profile into sections like employment, organizations, education and certifications rather than lumping items together.
  • You fail to personalize your requests. No one wants to see the automated LinkedIn request to connect response. Personalize your request with why you believe you two should connect, how you can assist one another, and mention something about his or her profile to show that you actually read about that person.
  • You are not using the Answers area of LinkedIn. if you want to be viewed as an expert by your peers, you want to participate in this forum.

Many more mistakes exist, but those are the more common mistakes. Below are the 10 sections of a profile that need to be completed to maximize your exposure and credibility. Overview

  1. Publications
  2. Summary
  3. Experience
    • Organizations
  4. Skills and Expertise
    • Endorsements
  5. Education
    • Certifications
  6. Recommendations
  7. Personal Information
  8. Contact Prompts
  9. Additional Information

** Can be in any order you would like to highlight by using the “drag and drop” method

Also, remember to be consistent with your profile information with all social media platforms. Consistency increases your SEO value, credibility, and takes less time to maintain.


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