Amber Dixon and Amber Gold Marketing firm in UtahLearn about Amber Gold Marketing and how the company assists with filling the marketing and public relations gap for businesses. 

Amber Gold Marketing (AGM) is a marketing and public relations firm in Utah with an impressive team of professionals who work with businesses and professionals to develop a long-term marketing plan for success. The AGM team work with you to discover strategies to strengthen the company’s brand, tell the company story through public relations, develop social media campaigns, and provide content marketing strategies and support. 

The AGM team work closely with clients to develop marketing and public relations initiatives that are customized for them. Many small businesses do not have an in-house marketing or public relations department but are in need of an outsourcing solution to assist them in both the marketing and public relations areas. 

With over 20 years of marketing and public relations experience, AGM fills the marketing and public relations department void in a consultation capacity. Together you will identify the goals of the company, develop specific strategies, and implement campaigns to reach your desired results. 

AGM believes in the power of mixing traditional marketing with social media networking. While working with companies, they provide proven techniques for both mediums.

Need training? AGM members, Amber Dixon and Pearl Wright, are frequent speakers for a variety of audiences in the Salt Lake Valley on topics regarding social media for business and  nonprofits, CRM platforms, marketing plans and strategies, public relations best practices, and market development. 

AGM is your marketing and public relations outsourcing solution! Contact us today.